Navigating Divorce for the Christian Man

Walking through your divorce with God by your side...

Life as a Christian man navigating a divorce can be a very challenging place to be. You’ve done everything you can to save your marriage, and you find yourself left alone. You stayed in the fight to protect your family, walked the high road, and tried to do things God’s way… and you lost the battle. Now, you’re carrying around the stigma of being a divorced man, and a Christian one at that. This isn’t how the story was supposed to end.

Fortunately, this isn’t the end of your story...

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve experienced your pain. I’ve felt your anger and sadness. And, I’ve experienced God’s grace and power during my battle. Based on that experience and my own challenges, I can tell you one thing for certain. There is hope for you, and if you’re a dad, for your children. There is peace for you in the midst of the chaos. There is life beyond your divorce because God is good and He loves you.

I want to use this site to share that encouragement with you, because I know you’ll need it. There’s a link below to sign up for my weekly emails, and to follow me on Facebook. In both places, I’ll share the way God saved me and the lessons I learned along the way.

I also want to introduce you to the book I wrote, Navigating Divorce for the Christian Man. As a Christian man walking through a divorce, I looked everywhere for a book that would guide me through the process, and I couldn’t find one. Navigating Divorce for the Christian Man is my answer to that. This book is my thank you letter to God, and my way to bring you confidence during the most trying time of your life. Through scriptures and the sharing of my own very personal journey, this book is my gift to men just like me who fought for their marriages but did not find restoration.

This book is for men like me who fought for their marriage, for their wife and their kids, but still lost it. It’s for guys who battled and did everything they could but woke up one day divorced. It’s for guys who felt like failures because they now showed up at church alone with the stigma of being a divorced Christian man. This book is for men just like you.

From a reader...
"My situation is very similar in many ways to the author JJ’s. It was such a huge encouragement to hear another brother in Christ that went through the dark valley I myself am going through, and make it out stronger and wiser than before. This book is about JJ’s personal story but he never allows it to take over the fact that the book is really about God’s goodness and love for us all. I strongly advise any man fighting for their marriage or suffering from the pain of their divorce to read this book ASAP! God is good."

Thank you for joining me here. Iron sharpens iron.